My name is Máté Mohos.

I was born in 1995 in Szombathely, Hungary, and I was raised there as well. When I was 18, I moved to Shanghai for my college studies. I currently attend NYU Shanghai as a junior. This year, I am studying abroad in both New York City and Prague. I major in Interactive Media Arts and minor in Creative Writing, Journalism and Chinese language.

I speak English and Hungarian fluently and I have an inermediate knowledge of Chinese and German. I enjoy creating things. I'm a proficient, skilled writer in both English and Hungarian, and I am also an avid programmer. I know JavaScript, p5, and I am currently learning Python and C#. I have substantial video design and editing skills, as well as extensive knowledge of Photoshop.

I am a very good adapter, and having lived on three continent, I believe I have the right to call myself a global citizen. I have met hundreds of people during my travels and there is none from whom I didn't learn anything. I am always up for new challages, and my skillset and attitude ensure that I am ready for those challanges.

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